A Father's Day Tribute

Almost three years ago, the Peytavin family's journey with cancer began. It is often said that when a family member gets cancer, the family gets cancer. In Li-Fraumeni Syndrome families, this is often more literal. Fortunately, after surgery, chemotherapy and a clinical trial, Lance Peytavin is doing well and was in for the surprise of his life when his children, friends and family plotted a very special Father's Day Gift for him. Lance has Li-Fraumeni syndrome which has a 50% chance of being passed along to his children. His son inherited the disorder, while his daughter did not. Having Li-Fraumeni Syndrome means being at a greater risk for cancer over their lifetime, many different types of cancers. Screening can help identify tumors at early treatable stages, but sometimes lead to additional stress. Li-Fraumeni families are experts at handling this stress and savoring the good times.

As a special Father's Day tribute to Lance, his daughter rewrote the words to a popular song to fit their family. Friends filmed the event and there was not a dry eye at the park or by anyone who has viewed it since! A local news team picked up the story and the Peytavins may soon be taking LFS awareness to the Ellen show.


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