MRI Contrast Safety Check

Mutants are sensitive to radiation. We avoid radiation when possible because ionizing radiation causes breaks in DNA that our mutant p53 is not good about repairing.  Due to this, there are several studies that are looking into whole body MRI as a screening tool for LFS cancers. A huge benefit to MRI is that is […]

Choosing the best ALTERNATIVES with LFS

At some point during the cancer journey, most people wonder about alternative treatments. Whether it’s because conventional treatments fail or side effects are drastically affecting quality of life,  many times cancer patients and family members want to know more about alternative medicine.What are “alternative” treatments? What’s the difference between Alternative, Complementary and Integrated Medicine? Do […]

Finding Your LFS CARE Community

One of the first questions mutants ask after diagnosis is- where should I go to receive the best care for LFS? Like everything when living LFS- that depends.  It depends on where you live. It depends on your insurance and financial resources. It depends on your lifestyle and how you want to approach screening and […]