Are you a cancer fighter, survivor or caregiver looking for one–on–one support? Living LFS is pleased to partner with Imerman Angels, matching individuals with Mentor Angels for the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience. Soon our website will provide the opportunity to request a mentor, or to become one.

EDISYN: Early Detection In SYNdromic Cancers

Living LFS recently joined the EDISYN (Early Detection in SYndromic Neoplasms) Consortium; whose focus is investigating liquid biopsy for early cancer detection in patients with LFS. In support of this consortium, Living LFS offered attendees of their 2019 Family Camp the opportunity to enroll in a study in which patients will donate blood on a set frequency and be monitored over time. In total, nearly 40 people enrolled in the study, helping to kick start the investigation to a better way to detect cancer in LFS patients.

Living LFS is a PROUD Member of the Global Genes Rare Foundation Alliance and believes in “The Power of the Collective Impact.”