Families With High Cancer Risk Get Financial Relief During Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Awareness Month

March is LFS Awareness Month and March 20th is LFS Awareness Day!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 23, 2024

Andi Last
President, Living LFS, Inc.

March 2024 marks the fourth annual Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Awareness Month, and non-profit patient support organization Living LFS will once again provide hardship grants to impacted families on Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Awareness Day, March 20th.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) is a rare, inherited cancer predisposition caused by an alteration of the TP53 gene. People with LFS have a 70% to nearly 100% lifetime risk of developing cancer, and it is not uncommon for multiple family members to be affected by cancer at the same time.

A minimum of ten $1,000 LFS Hardship Grants will be awarded on LFS Awareness Day, March 20th, to eligible families and individuals struggling with the financial burdens of living with the hereditary cancer syndrome. The date marks the 48th birthday of Living LFS founder and passionate patient advocate Jennifer Mallory (March 20, 1976 - October 5, 2020). 

“‘Cancering’ is expensive, and it’s completely devastating when it just keeps happening,” said Living LFS President, Andi Last. “We’ve received 31 hardship grant applications so far. We’re grateful to everyone that helps us support LFS families, and we’re honored to continue fulfilling Jen Mallory’s mission,” said Last. 

2024 LFS Awareness Shirts
LFS Awareness shirts, 2024

Made possible through donations to Living LFS, additional hardship grants will be funded from sales of LFS Awareness Day t-shirts from partner organization Snarky Cancer, and from sales of one-of-a-kind original mandala and elephant paintings by Living LFS board member and artist Inge Vandormael. Three of the 5 available paintings sold the day they were announced.

Original Inge Vandormael paintings, 2024

Since 2021, Living LFS has awarded 140 LFS Hardship Grants, connecting those in need with over $124,000 to pay for cancer treatment, screening, transportation, and household bills.

“The Living LFS community has been such a blessing for me and my family. With their financial assistance I was able to pay for utilities, transportation, and medical bills/medicine,” said Tameka Y., an LFS patient and past hardship grant recipient who has dealt with multiple cancers, treatments, and surgeries.  Tameka continued, “They provide vital information for the community as well! We are grateful for their love, support, and compassion. Cancer sucks but Living LFS is Love!!!”

Members of the public are encouraged to learn more about Li-Fraumeni syndrome by attending virtual LFS Awareness Day activities on March 20th. To learn more, and to support those with LFS during Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Awareness Month, please visit LFSawareness.com


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