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There are many different ways to approach LFS- and the right way is the one that's right for you. Support and screening makes a difference in our quality of life. My passion is to help others Live LFS and Living LFS is an extension of this passion. I had years that felt like everyone in my family had or was dying of cancer. Testing for LFS was new, my Dad tested positive. I declined testing because even if I had the results, there wasn't screening, what was the point? There were the lucky, quiet years when I met the love of my life and gave "normal" a try and try not to think about cancer. We had four kids, I paid close attention to lumps, bumps and weirdisms on all of us. LFS once again reared its ugly head when my daughter, diagnosed with adrenocortical cancer and sarcoma, also tested positive for the TP53 mutation. I tested positive, so did our other 3 children. Suddenly we were mutants, party of five for screening. Although I would never choose LFS for my children, I won't bet against them. We live, we screen, we help others. I'm living with metastatic breast cancer and Living LFS is about taking care of the people who are living with the syndrome until science and research find better treatments, cures, and ultimately prevention. We are a small, ever growing mighty community and Together we are Fighting Cancer and Supporting Mutants.