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Jennifer Mills

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Cancer has played a defining role in my life. I lost my father to leukemia, my aunt and grandmother to breast cancer and my brother to adrenal cortical carcinoma all at extremely young ages. I have had six primary cancers as well.  Cancer has the innate ability to show up when you least expect it and knock the breath out of you.  Having a familial cancer legacy is isolating, no one understands the generations of loss, the fear of the next diagnosis, the worry about children developing new cancers.

I believe that Living LFS has the power to bring mutants from all walks of life, living throughout the world and unite them with love and support that only a mutant could give. Living LFS is a safe community to discuss concerns, share information and support each other in the daily struggle that is Living with LFS.  Friendship, laughter and humor are just as important as the latest research information. No understands LFS like those living it.

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