Linda Zercoe is A Kick-Ass Fairy

In the first memoir that even mentions Li Fraumeni Syndrome, author, blogger and LFSer Linda Zercoe takes us through a journey most LFSers can identify with. Her trials and tribulations with family, cancer and all the curveballs thrown at her are handled with strength, courage and a kick-ass sense of humor.

The book description at Amazon says it perfectly:
Looking for a fairy tale to make into a musical? Look somewhere else.
Linda Zercoe offers up a series of unfortunate events in a memoir that rivals the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Life can be capricious and cruel. In this memoir, the author-heroine faces family tragedy and battles multiple forms of cancer. Through one trial after another, Zercoe learns to harness her talents and powers and develop the strength, gumption and resilience to make a life worth living. Attitude is a potent charm against all forms of adversity, and this particular kick-ass fairy proves it's not what you've got, but what you do with it that counts.

Linda is a breast cancer survivor, a lung cancer survivor and a pancreatic cancer survivor. This unfortunately doesn't end her fights with malignancy.  Hers is truly a tale of survival. She is A Kick- Ass Fairy.

For the person with LFS, you will be able to relate to the interpersonal relationships Linda experiences. The family members who don't "get" it. The family members who stay steadfast by your side, through the ugliest of times.The friendships and relationships that matter endure and sometimes the ones you have to let go. We join her in the search for appropriate medical care and answers to why the cancers plague her and her daughter.  We join her in the ensuing spiritual search  and to the ultimate realization that finding her way to personal happiness means harnessing her inner Kick-Ass Fairy.  It is a story LFSers can relate to, it is a story we can share with friends and family who might not be able to truly grasp what it is like to Live LFS.

 Linda's Memoir can be purchased HERE.

Follow along with Linda's research and musings on all things cancer at The Cancerian.


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