Just Keep Sluggin! Brandi's Sarcoma Update.

A few years ago, Brandi shared her experience of sarcoma with us. In 2009, she was only 29, 5 months pregnant with her daughter when she noticed a lump on her thigh. Sarcoma. Only about 1% of all cancers are sarcomas. Sarcomas can be found in any connective tissue, bone, blood vessels, fat, muscles or nerves. Many sarcomas(like Brandi’s) present as a painless lump but as they grow they can push on nerves and cause pain. LFS increases the risk of growing a sarcoma and it’s important to pay attention to any lumps or bumps that grow or change and have them looked at by a physician. In Brandi’s case, having a sarcoma and breast cancer at an early age led to the recommendation that she be tested for LFS. She was gracious enough to sit down with us and tell us a little bit about Sluggin’ it out with Sarcoma. I chatted with her a couple days ago to see how she has been doing and if she'd share a little about what's new. In true LFS fashion she responded quickly with,

Yes definitely! That would be awesome. Cancer wise I had DCIS stage 0 ended up having a double mastectomy. Found pre-cancerous tumors in my uterus and had a hysterectomy but left my ovaries to keep me company.

Hopefully no more after that LOL

Otherwise everyday is a good day. ❤

Here's to many more good days! If you'd like to read more about how Brandi found her sarcoma and about LFS, click the link below!


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