Tumor Humor- Screwed Again

Living with LFS can leave you feeling like you've lost your mind. Keeping up with doctor's appointments, screenings, checking out weird lumps or bumps and finally keeping sane through it all. Sometimes the ridiculous happens, or the ridiculously weird and you just have to share it. Introducing Tumor Humor- a new segment of our blog where we can share the laughs with others. Our very first submission comes from Courtney and her son Christopher who are in Seattle.

My son Christopher had brain surgery when he was 6 months old to remove a brain tumor. At that time, they put tiny screws in his head to hold the pieces of bone in place. Recently, while we were at a pre-op appointment for a new growth on Chris's scalp, he was complaining of some pain in an unrelated place. It was the site of a past surgery. Upon further examination of the most recent CAT scans, the doctor finally concluded that Chris has a screw loose.

One of the little screws that was put in years ago during his brain surgery wiggled out of place. Not only can learning you might have a hereditary cancer syndrome leave you feeling a little screwy, it also helps us appreciate a bargain. For his next surgery we are getting a 2 for 1 deal, removing the growth on his scalp and the pesky hardware that's causing him pain. 

Do you have a funny story that you'd like to share with others living LFS? Contact us at livingLFS@gmail.com with your story! Laughter is the best medicine.