Living LFS T-Shirt Fundraiser

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An important part of our mission is to raise awareness for and connect those who are living LFS.  Just launched in November is our T-shirt fundraiser. Profits will help us bring together and connect families who have Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. Living with LFS can be very medically busy and financially difficult. Emotionally it can feel isolating to have a hereditary cancer syndrome; consider showing your support for this special group of people. This time we have 2 shirts, one for those who are Living LFS and one for those who love someone with LFS. There are a variety of styles to choose from, unisex, ladies fit, youth and extra large sizes. There are long sleeve and hoodie options. Sales end December 5 and shirts should print and ship 14 days after that.

Please join us, share and help raise awareness for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome while showing your support for those Living LFS. The link to the sale is below.  Thank You!

LivingLFS T-shirt SALE!



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