2016 Living LFS Limited Edition Elephant T-Shirt Fundraiser- ENDS Oct. 14, 2016

This year's one of a kind T-shirt for LFS awareness features the majestic elephant. Elephants signify strength, power, wisdom, and loyalty. For the LFS community, the elephant is also a symbol of HOPE.


LFS is linked to a mutation in the TP53 gene, which makes the p53 protein. This gene has often been called the guardian of the genome. It has many roles but one of it's big jobs is to protect our DNA and cells from damage. When cells become damaged, many times they turn into tumors. P53 helps repair or remove the damage. Mutant p53 loses it's ability to do this, so people with mutant p53(LFS) tend to get many cancers.

Elephants are large animals and we would guess with all those cells and the opportunity for damage, they would get more cancer. They don't. Dr. Schiffman of the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah recognized this and set out to find out why and if there is a way this knowledge can help kids and families like ours who are prone to cancer. What he found was that elephants have 20 sets of TP53. Thats 40 copies of the gene we only have one of! This is a great source of HOPE for our mutant community and why we chose the elephant as our symbol this year.


Elephants are social creatures and fiercely loyal to their group- as we are in our support group. The shirts are offered in gray, like the tough skin of an elephant - mutants have extraordinary strength. Also in pink to support our ladies who have an exceptionally high risk of breast cancer. The elephant features words that represent LFS-

P53-the mutation we have.

LIVING- what we do.

LFS-Li-Fraumeni Syndrome


We listed few of the cancers we are at risk for, but mutants are at risk for many many cancers, most are rare.

VUS- Variant of Unknown Significance. There are many different types of p53 mutations and we don't know if or what cancers they cause. Hopefully in the future we will understand this link and be able to prevent and screen better. Elephants with their abundance of p53 are a good source of hope for this.

MUTANT- we have a mutation, we are mutants. A term of strength, and affectionate link between those in our community.

The colors are Blue and Green, our living LFS colors. Purple represents not only leiomysarcoma and pancreatic cancer, 2 cancers we see in LFS- it also represents strength, power, and wisdom. Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.

This fundraiser helps Living LFS support those with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome in many different ways as well as raise awareness for our rare condition. Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting Living LFS.



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